If it’s not fun, don’t do it. –advice from one of my favorite mentors

I facilitate processes and experiences that help individuals and groups work creatively to break through obstacles and leverage their strengths. My goal in working with others is to harness a state of flow where there is energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment.

My work as a professor is very much about learning, and my favorite way to learn is in collaboration with others. I collaborate with individuals and groups in healthcare, business, education, and the non-profit sector providing facilitation, training, and evaluation services.

I specialize in strategic planning, meeting design and facilitation, dissemination, and qualitative evaluation. I have ten years of experience implementing Liberating Structures, Positive Deviance, User-Centered Design, Participatory Evaluation, Visual and Art-Based Research, Food Pedagogy, and Diffusion of Innovations.

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Previous partners include the following:
Helix Solutions—translation and program evaluation
A Smoke Free Paso del Norte–liberating structures workshops
The Center for Media & Health, Gouda, The Netherlands—professional writing
START II, College of Education, University of Texas at El Paso—curriculum writing
Clínica Medica Internacional, Ciudad Juárez—manual and website translation
Save the Children, U.S., Washington D.C.—program evaluation
Minga Peru, Lima—program evaluation
El Paso Times—Special to the Times, contributing writer and blog anchor
Medical Center of the Americas Foundation—grant writing
Wollschlager Consulting—translation
Macaroni Amusement Park—translation
Kyle Machine and Tool, Indiana–translation
Alfonso Chavez, MD—translation
The President’s Commission for the Arts and Humanities—consecutive interpretation
The Cornudas Mountain Foundation—business documents and grants
El Paso History Museum—translation of permanent exhibits
El Paso Museum of Art-editor of the Texas 100 Catalogue, consecutive interpretation
Moreno Cardenas Inc. Consulting Engineers—report editing

For consulting options and quotes, send me an e-mail: ldura@utep.edu